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RATES 2016

Laniers Campground Rate Sheet for 2016

May – September                                      October – April

Water Side Full Hook Up

Daily        $48                                          Daily            $42

Weekly   $284                                          Weekly       $210

Monthly  $799                                        Monthly       $525

Interior Full Hook up

Daily        $45                                         Daily              $37

Weekly   $265                                        Weekly        $200

Monthly  $762                                       Monthly       $500

Grey Water Side (Pop up/campers)

Daily       $42                                            Daily            $35

Weekly  $252                                         Weekly        $189

Monthly  $735                                        Monthly      $473

Grey Water Side (Tent)

Daily       $34                                            Daily           $31

Weekly  $202                                          Weekly      $168


Interior Water & Electric(Pop up/Camper)

Daily        $36                                            Daily           $33

Weekly   $215                                          Weekly      $179

Monthly   $704                                         Monthly      $447

Interior Water & Electric (Tent)

Daily        $32                                           Daily           $29

Weekly   $189                                          Weekly      $158



       Daily        $29

       Weekly   $168



Propane For Sale

We now have propane. 


20lb     $18 plus tax

30lb     $28 plus tax

100lb   $90 plus tax

Time of operation

Sunday thru Thursday

8am to 9pm (in season)

8am to 3pm (out of season)

Friday and Saturday

8am to 11pm (in season)

8am to 7pm   (out of season)

Thank you for your business.


Golfcarts must be street legal to ride on a state highway.  If you ride outside the gate,  you maybe stopped by law enforcement.

You must be 15 years old with a learner's permit to drive a golfcart in the park. You must have your learners permit or license on your person.   Kids younger can only drive with a PARENT on the front seat with them. 

All golfcarts must have current liability insurance on them to ride them in the park.  Golfcarts will be inspected between  9am and 11am, Monday thru Saturday or between 7pm and 8pm  Friday and Saturday.  Golfcarts need to be inspected no later than May 31, 2015.

Remember,  A golfcart is a privilege,  so please follow the rules.


Thank you